Sophos Firewall Basic Configuration, SG 105 / 115 Series

Same as our Sophos Standard Configuration Service with the following exceptions:

» Limited to (2) site-to-site VPN configurations
» Limited to (2) wireless networks (e.g. business and guest wireless)
» No user authentication (e.g. Active Directory, eDirectory, RADIUS…)
» No email security setup (Including data protection)
» No web application firewall configuration
» No endpoint protection setup or deployment
*Note: Only available for new firewall deployments.


We give the best Sophos Firewall Basic Configuration, SG 105 / 115 Series price in India. Also we are the top Sophos firewall distributors in India. More than this we are the top sophos partners in India. Beyond this we give the best Sophos Firewall Basic Configuration, SG 105 / 115 Series support services in Dubai. Also we are the sophos SG 105/115 Series suppliers in India.

Also we are the top This is a true plug-play security deployment, and it comes at zero risk to each and every customer. Thousands of small, medium and enterprise companies have utilized our configuration service with great results, as evidenced by our Reseller Ratings results. We offer a 100% money back guarantee to any customer. This is who is not completely satisfied with this service. This includes the following:

*Complete survey and review of firewall and security needs
*Configuration of firewall based on specific needs and requests
*Configuration of up to 3 Access Points
*VPN tunnel setup and testing with 2 or more configurations
*All work is performed 9am – 5pm (Eastern), Monday – Friday
*Phone assistance on installation for 7 days once installed
*Only available for new firewall deployments.


SG 105 / 115 Series price in India

We utilize the time tested and sound pre-installation survey methodology. Our vast network security experience and Sophos configuration expertise offers peace of mind that each customer will get the products and services that are exactly suited to their requirements.

Our team of highly experienced Sophos certified engineers takes to the time to get to know exactly what each customer wants, needs and expects from their new Sophos SG appliance.

We deliver properly configured firewalls and wireless accesses points quickly, and provide phone assistance on the installation for up to 7 days after receipt of your new equipment.

Appropriate VPN design, implementation and management, along with system reporting are all complex and paramount to overall satisfaction of a new Sophos. Rest assured that we will set up and test VPN tunnels with the necessary precision to allow your users seamless remote network access.

While every business has unique needs, we have found that there are common configurations across many of our customers. Below are just a few examples to provide a general indication of what our Standard Level of Sophos device configuration service encompasses.

Establish Virtual Private Networks – Setup VPN tunnels between two locations to share files and resources.

Co-location Lock Down – Protect servers located in a datacenter while increasing overall network performance.

Employee Remote Access – Enable employees from home so they can access the company network.

VoIP Optimization Establish a secure VoIP deployment. Also includes emphasis on optimizing traffic for a high quality of service level for VoIP traffic.

Protecting Email Servers Optimize advanced security features of the Sophos. Also enhance and protect data going to the company email server.

Optimizing Network Traffic,Segment and control network traffic to increase the local network . Also provides the good Internet access performance.

Granular Content Filtering – Deployment of a comprehensive filtering strategy to meet Human Resource requirements which protect the workforce.


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