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Data Backup Solution

By the backup solutions , It is possible to generate the copy of the data in your system .The backup is available at the time of a data loss or corrupted  original data. It is important to have a backup strategy and solution in the work place .The main duty of the backup administrator is to to understand , define and manage which data should consider for the backup. 

Before taking the backup data , We make sure that the It can protect all your system data. After deciding the chances of  backup,  The next important thing is to make a  decision for how often We should take the backup.

The basic parameters that we should consider are, 

  * RTO
  * RPO
RTO  (means the recovery time objectives) and RPO stands for (recovery point objectives). the maximum period that you are willing to lose data on your systems due to an event is the RPO. There are shorter and longer RPO . A shorter RPO means  the lesser data back up . A larger RPO means the larger data backup. Small and medium  companies defines the RPO of 24 hours.That is daily back up is needed. The second one is the RTO ,It gives the faster performance at the time of disaster to the normal operations. The system down issue will  increase the money loss. 


For the better performance of your company the data should be secured . To applay good reliable data backup , should be defined your business objectives like the backup scope, RPOs, and RTOs .
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