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We Do Installation and Maintenance of IP PBX /PABX System in India. PBX systems operates through phone lines, that will protect your transmissions from power outages and internet collapse. Our hosted IP-PBX is a business class phone service, providing the ability for businesses to make and receive phone calls over the internet regardless on a cellular phone or landlines. It can also route incoming calls to the respective.

 IP PBX/PABX System Installation :The IP PBX System can access the utilization of live personnel, and is possible  to accept and transfer carry calls to the corresponding internal contact points in an office or Institution.

Internal Call Management :
It is possible to connect one internal unit with another without the help of a live operator.

Speed Dial function : 
Programmable speed dialing features in the IP/PBX system boosts  the speed of the communication.

Automatic assistance : 
IP PBX/PABX , the main feature is that Programmable call directing  without distraction.

Expanded call volume : The IP /PBX system can accept, carry, and redirect multiple calls at the same time without any interruption.

Other main features of IP/PBX System are : 

• No upfront investment on expensive hardware and software licenses

• Flexible upgrade allows you to expand the capacity as your business grows
• Full featured IP-PBX with affordable licensing
• Hardware care with replacement of any faulty phones with live subscription
• Free IP Phones included in the package, with the option to add phones at a small increment of the subscription price
• No limit on softphone extensions. (Technical support for softphones not provided)

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