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Firewall Solutions

Firewall Installation And Configuration Services in India

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Telnet’s  firewall solution helps to sustain in the security without missing the performance of the network. The best firewall solution that we give are the unique firewall solutions for small business , combine both the hardware and the software firewall. Also controls in depth security solutions. This consist of the VPN(Virtual Private Network ) and other antiviruses and antispam. 

The basic types Of firewall Solutions includes 

* Packet filtering 

* Stateful Inspection firewall

* Circuit level gateways 

* Application level gateways

* Nextgen firewall 

The packet filtering generates a control point at the traffic router or in the switch. Also the firewall carryout the checking of the data packets, scans the origin and destination of IP address. More than this checks the type of packet, number of port, and other information related to the surface- level .   

The circuit level gateways quickly  approve or deny the traffic .This will be done without absorbing significant resources. It will work according to the verification of (TCP) Transmission Control Protocol.  The TCP handshake checks whether the coming packet should be allowable or not. 

Stateful inspection firewall blends both the TCP handshake and the packet inspection. This provides  a greater protection  and security rather than applying both seperately. 

Proxy firewall (Application Level Gateways) can perform in the application layer. It will filter the incoming traffic between the traffic source and the network.  It will establishes a connection with the traffic source and it will inspects the  coming data packet.

The Next-Gen Firewalls makes a deep packet inspection. In the deep packet inspection it will check the real content of the data packet. Also it scans the TCP handshakes. More than this packet inspection of surface level also takes place. The next generation prevention system (IPS) , automatically  prevents the  network from attacks.

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