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Managed Security Services

Telnetct  offers firewall as a service for start-ups, small and medium sized enterprises  and distributed enterprises built into a global cloud network dynamically for your company. Our firewall as a services allows organisation to consume their firewall as a monthly operational expense.

 Remote access

Remote access bring up to the capability to access a computer.A remote-access VPN provides independent users to organise safe connections with a remote computer network.It is easy to  provide safe  resources on that network as if they were directly plugged in to the network’s servers.


Firewalls provide the first line protection in network security.A network security device that monitors both the arriving and outgoing network traffic.Also it decides which traffic should allow or block.This is possible through set of security rules. 

• Intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS)

Instruction detection and prevention system identify the malware, socially engineered attacks, and all other web-based hazards. IDPS also give detailed intrusion prevention capabilities of a system for internal threats and potentially compromised systems.

• Web-site filtering

Prevents the unauthorised user entry from viewing a particular URL in their browsers.It works in two ways , blocking content according to the quality of the site or evaluating the page content in live  and block it.  

• Endpoint software
Administration of endpoint software to detect and eliminate threat before they spread.

• Cloud Hosted Anti-Spam filter
Incoming anti-spam filter, outgoing anti-spam filter, anti-hijacking and email archiving, powered by Sophos central solution.

• Security monitoring
Ability to have live check and monitoring of security infrastructure’s performance

Professional and dedicated service support
Our team of security professionals will manage your security infrastructur.

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