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Are you looking for IT Security and IT solution provider in India ? You are in the right search.We suggest the best business and technology requirements and serve them with the technical and remote support in order to meet your business demand. We deliver support services for small and big stream business.

What We can do for you?

The Highest Quality Services and Integrity According to Your Business Needs. 

About Us

Telnet assigns outspread range of information technology solutions and united services in India.Our significant is to deliver quality services  and excellent customer support comes from our vision that point out the tie-up and the customers fulfilment. 

We treat our clients as trusted compatriot,assisting them with the allegiance of a business collaborator and handout them the best competitive  rates of the markets.

Dominant IT Services For You

  • Absolute Company Support
  • Professional IT Technical outlook
  • Identify and fix all type of computer hardware and networking problems
  • Troubleshoot internet connection issues
  • Assign software updation and   solutions for all types of software issues.
  • Give warranty  support according to the client’s needs.

Our Mission

To  reach both the consumer and Partner at the same time . Adapt our products and services optimising your resources in order to provide you with a differentiator in the market. 

Our Vision

To be in The brow to provide and handle all IT Solutions in Every IT Sector.

Our Expertise And Experience

Our experienced support team make the appropriate recommendations for the right products and provide real time support services at competitive prices. This is to provide you the tools to meet your business goals .

  • We do research and testing in our offices 
  • We find the products to meet your needs from high end servers to single PCs 
  • We match the software to the hardware
  • We custom configure the products to meet your specific and individual.


Need advice?

If you are in trouble to  find the best product according to your concern, we will help you to discover the best brand with cut-price.

Top Service that we yield

 We we’ll work with you to find the best Service solutions that reach out your business target.

  • Restoring all files and data at the time of disaster, Ensure that  disaster will not affect the Data backup and the disaster.
  • Provide IT acquisition to help you to acquire the proper hardware and software in  the best budget. 
  • Advanced Technical support is provided to resolve IT issues .This is  possible through remote support and on demand support.
  • Network Protection against emerging security threats, such as malware and viruses.

Our services can ensure the optimal operation of your computers, network, desktops  and  entire Information Technology . As a top  IT support company in India, our exhaustive technical support services and solutions help to protect your investments.This will protect the continual operation and optimization.This is  of all devices within your firm. We maintain your information uniquely available all times in a secure and dynamic way.

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