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Technical Support

The technical support team will do the daily checkup.It includes inspecting the status of systems and hardware.Also do new system and hardware installation services.The support team  gives response for the requests from the staff members to clients.In addition to this our service team will do software troubleshooting and replacement of malfunctioned hardware.Telnet’s technical support team will periodically do testing, assessing, and learning the new technology for the better performance of your business.  

  • Installing,configuring and maintaining the new technology that will be used by the company includes hardware, progrms and operating system. 
  • Provides the regular check up and maintenance of existing hardware and computer systems.
  • Technology- related  problems will be resolved by giving assistance to your Company staff.
  • Troubleshooting systems and applications and explains the founded problem to the staff or client.
  • Finds the solutions  for any IT issues that happened and also finds the characteristics and problems on malfunctioning hardware or software.
  • The technical team will order and replaces the  damaged parts on a hardware .
  • Provides report on the present status of all the hardware and software equipment in your company.
  • Our team will learn and applies the new applications or operating systems.Also they check and finalize the working of the implemented software.
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